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Joseph Thompson

How did you come to know Christ? 

Grew up in the church, but only learned about the wrath of God and hell who's just made me not want to go there. Tried being a good boy kinda went south as I kept messing up and living in guilt and shame daily and pride if I did well. But my sophomore year in college, my older brother shared the gospel with me in a way that put the ball in my court. Have you given your life to Christ and made him Lord? He asked, I was shaken up and then excited that I was from that point in going to have a relationship with God. It was slow rolling from there but I began to walk and God allowed me, years later to be discipled by my older brother and around Godly community.

Why do you work for FCA?

I work for FCA because I want to have an influential impact on athletes and coaches that's everlasting. Because of FCA's values I believe I can do that and more through the organization.

What’s your vision for FCA? 

My vision is to see athletes and coaches come to Christ and lead others to Christ. For men to be men of renown and change their communities and eventually the world.

Coach who impacted you the most and why?  

Chris Thomsen was the most influential coach for me because he invested time in me and showed me that being a screw up or having deficiencies didn't disqualify you from the love of God or the work of God. He pursued me in love to make me and him better.


 Five Favorites with Joe: 

Favorite Bible Verse:  Ephesians 3:21

Favorite Athlete: Daniel Manning

Favorite Movie: A-Team/ Warrior/ Lord of Rings

Favorite Book:  Prodigal God

Favorite Sports Team:Dallas Cowboys

Thompson Family

ASU Football Chaplain

East Valley Area Representative